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Il video registrato con una camera on board, mostra una moto che tenta a 300kmh di superare un’ Audi sportiva. (VIDEO INCREDIBILE)  

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Still, touching between people should be a happy thing. If it makes you feel confused or bad, then you know it isn't right. If for some reason the adult that you go to for help doesn't believe your story, tell it to someone else. Keep on telling until the person who is touching you has been stopped. Molesting a child is an awful thing, so a lot of people will be very upset when they find out about it. Just remember that nobody is upset with you and that you are not responsible for the bad things that were done in any way. Children are taught to trust adults and to do what grown-ups tell them. //

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Her claim to fame is having Australia's biggest fake bo but this chest-obsessed woman wants to ignore medical advice and go under the knife again. Sarah Marie Summer from Sydney has already had three bo jobs taking her from an 8A to an enormous 8M. But the 23-year-old hasn't ruled out going even bigger after her assets have earned her multiple modeling jobs and a huge following on social media. ‘I don't think people believe that this is actually how I want to look,' Sarah Marie told Woman's Day. ‘I want to look silly and I want to be huge. ‘They make people smile and that makes me happy, so that can't be a bad thing.' Ms Summer underwent her first bo job in New Zealand when she was just 17. //

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When taking a walk through the woods, you expect to see a lot of different things: twittering birds, fragrant flowers, towering trees…. However, I'm sure you would never expect to stumble upon anything like this fantastic wooden structure. While it may simply look like a large stack of logs from afar, it's actually something so much more impressive. As you take a closer look at the wooden stack, you may notice a few odd things: the log pile is almost too symmetrical, there's straight lines embedded in the surface, and something is just off. //

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This is what the inside of the Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, located in Iran, looks like. The insides of this historical place of worship are truly incredible. Also known as the ‘Pink Mosque,' this temple was completed back in 1888. Although few people have the chance to see the wondrous beauty just behind the mosque's front doors. While the Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque is uniquely incredible, all throughout Iran there are mosques made with equal beauty and attention to detail. Since photography is largely banned inside of the mosques, few pictures of the sites exist. But now thanks to one skilled photographer, you can catch a glimpse inside some of Iran's most incredible historical mosques without leaving the comfort of your living room. You can thank architectural photographer, Mohammad Domiri. The 23-year-old from northern Iran has a passion for taking photos of mosques found throughout the Middle East. Since Domiri is one of the few that has been allowed to capture the raw beauty of these mosques, his pictures are considered incredibly rare. Some of the mosques photographed by Domiri and pictured here include, Vakil Mosque, Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Chehel Sotoun, Seyyed Mosque, and Aliqapu Palace. Feast your eyes, these images are truly breathtaking! //

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Never let those broken potted plants go to waste again, you can repurpose your planter! All that you need is a broken pot, your imagination, plants, and maybe some pieces of the broken pot to create an amazing fairy garden. Some people are going above and beyond, incorporating miniature houses, glass mushrooms, and colorful bird houses into their fairy garden. If you create one of your own, you never what sort of gnomes or fairies you will attract to your garden. Recycling is one of the best trends out there, after all if we don't start reusing what we have, we are going to run out of resources and landfills before we know it. Taking your old and broken materials and turning them into something new is one of the best ways you can help relieve the burden our planet faces. Thanks to some creative DIY geniuses, you can now reuse your broken planters. Plus, you'll be going green in another way as well, enjoying the perks of working with flowers and fairy gardens. These DIY fairy gardens are the perfect craft to fill up your next unbooked weekend. Check out these photos of brilliant fairy garden creations as your source of inspiration! //

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Street art is perhaps the most interesting and funniest art. Drawing on various walls with funny messages, give a true art form, regardless of inner meaning of that messages. To laugh or not to laugh at these graffiti? Often we will feel both moods. Whatever are happening in world around us, lives go on, so our recommendation is to laugh! Here we have selected some of them, enjoy. (...)Read the rest of To Laugh or Not To Laugh at These Graffiti? (0 words) at Chill Out Point - Funny Images and Artwork Subscibe to Chill Out Point's Feed to get constant updates of our Fun Posts © Chill Out Point - Funny image galleries and artwork, 2013. | Permalink to To Laugh or Not To Laugh at These Graffiti? | No comment | Post tags: art, Fun, Funny, graffiti, street, street-art, time graffiti Categories at Chill Out Point: Art and Design, Funny

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Warning – this post is not for the faint heart people. If you're afraid of heights , these photos will definitely tickle your nerves. Mountains, rocks, cliffs, huge redwoods, cliffs and bridges – these people obviously do not feel dizzy at the sight of such a height. Remember one thing, do not look down! (...)Read the rest of Not Photoshop – Height Lovers (0 words) at Chill Out Point - Funny Images and Artwork Subscibe to Chill Out Point's Feed to get constant updates of our Fun Posts © Chill Out Point - Funny image galleries and artwork, 2013. | Permalink to Not Photoshop – Height Lovers | No comment | Post tags: adrenaline, bravery, breathtaking, cliffs, height, heights, huge redwoods, images, life, Lifestyle, Mountains, people, photos, rocks Categories at Chill Out Point: Featured, Lifestyle

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Celebrities always try to look their best, but sometimes they look like fictional monsters that children train to fight. Which is your favorite? Is there a celebrity that looks like a pokemon we left out? 1. Justin Bieber / Mudkip 2. Hillary Clinton / Weepinbell 3. Tom Cruise / Raticate (...)Read the rest of Celebrities and Pokemons Similarity (34 words) at Chill Out Point - Funny Images and Artwork Subscibe to Chill Out Point's Feed to get constant updates of our Fun Posts © Chill Out Point - Funny image galleries and artwork, 2013. | Permalink to Celebrities and Pokemons Similarity | No comment | Post tags: cartoon character, celebrities, celebrity, chartoon, children, face expression, Fun, Funny, image, photographs, photos, pokemon, similarity Categories at Chill Out Point: Funny
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